It Finds Me

It always manages to find me. Despite my very best efforts to keep it at bay.

I’m lying in bed,  as I slowly acclimate to this thing called morning. I typically sleep facing the closet so that I don’t partake in the luxury of inhaling my dear spouse’s exhale as he faces me. So I roll over to take a peek at him and bang! It manages to squeeze itself through that one teeny tiny gap in the shades and pierce me right in the eye.

I’m cuddled on the couch, enjoying the warmth of the blanket, catching up on some screen time. I keep the blinds closed so that I don’t feel like a fish in the fishbowl of my living room as the neighborhood kids are prone to playing in our yard. So I settle in and bang! It manages to reflect off the silver lid of my cranberry candle and pierce me right in the eye. At this point, I am beginning to develop a bit of a headache.

I’m headed to the store, getting into my car port protected SUV, and I turn up the tunes because we love this Fall Out Boy rhythm. I back out of the driveway as we sing at the top of our lungs. We hit the bump, bump of the curb and as I turn the wheel, bang! It manages to shine in right between the visor and the rearview mirror and pierce me right in the eye. Now, my bit of a headache is beginning to roll into a full-blown throb radiating from that eye.

It always manages to find me. Despite my very best efforts to keep it at bay.




The Whole Day

“You’ve got the whole day in front of you now.”

This is a common sentiment spewed out by my dear husband whenever a work holiday rolls around for me. These golden nuggets of my re-energizing time typically get commandeered by said husband to tend to something or other, typically for this monstrosity of a money trap we call our home.

But you know, after this, I’ve got the whole day in front of me.

Today that happened to be an appointment with the heating and cooling guy. Seems a complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau propelled him to our fine abode early this morning, half an hour ahead of schedule. So naturally I was racing down the driveway in my pajamas to catch the garbage truck before it passed us by, as the previously mentioned husband did not wheel it down on his way out earlier.

Just as naturally, I almost ran into the idling silver pickup as I had laser vision on that sanitation savior further down the way.  I was in no mood for the stinky foreshadowing of warmer days ahead. The food scraps in that can were already emitting a special kind of stank. I trudged back up the driveway to greet the overly polite gentleman who was here to smooth the ruffled feathers of the Koehler clean air debacle of 2012-2015.  Although this day had barely started, this angel in the midst was professional and I was mentally preparing my 5 star review.

Cause you know, I’ve got the whole day in front of me now.

Until I notice the furry pain in my arse curiously absent from her like clockwork dent in the couch. Her partner in crime is emitting a foreboding meow as I trudge down to the basement. I know what to expect

An hour of my head stuck in the crawl space opening, that 5 star review quickly losing its shine, as I replay my very clear directions of making sure that the door is C-L-O-S-E-D

An hour of shining the flashlight on a pair of defiant, not moving, blue eyes

An hour of watching because she once got this close to climbing into the pit in the basement that we grossly overpay other people to handle

An hour before she loses the defiance gains the courage to walk slowly to the light so I can grab her and bring her to safety

But at least I have the whole day ahead of me now.