Old Standby vs. The New

It’s new. It’s shiny. It’s sparkly. It’s horrible!

The old standby was broken in to the point of lived in comfortableness. It was lovely, even if it was a bit worn and rusted and starting to show its age. I took a picture of it as the salesman drove it away, while sitting in my “smells like new car” acquisition. Something to hold on to.

It’s been a few weeks and we are slowly trying to break in the new. Keeping in mind that this one is on loan so it can never quite reach the level of broken in that the old standby was able to achieve. We pinky swore and crossed our heart to the Mr. that we would be more careful, more neat, more cautious this time around. (Despite our argument that after 12 years the old standby turned out just fine. )

The old stand by was a little like a closet and refrigerator. We could outfit or feed anyone.

There are a few sweaters for when it gets cold and a container of cookies for snacky emergencies on the floor of the new.

The old stand by had creased, somewhat stained, accidentally glued upholstery.

There is a sprinkling of glitter from our sparkly princess scattered across the backseat of the new.

The old standby was lived in.

There is nothing but nice clean floor in the back of the new.

The old standby had a butterfly for wishes hanging from the rearview and a black bat for smiles in the window.

So does the new.

I think we are doing okay.

So far.


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