Pockets of Time

“How the hell are you finding time to read all those books?”

We will come back to this later.

My district is partaking in some Mock Newbery love this year. Having got out of the gate a smidge late, the books arrived in the last two weeks and let me tell you, it has been like Christmas morning. Be still my beating heart to see those smile boxes pile up filled with all sorts of literary goodness. 14 titles to be exact. (We had to rein it in somehow.)

Well, I piled those boxes up on a cart and started a little side step wheeling to my classroom office, only to discover a whole bunch of bodies in the way. How dare they?! I had treasures to uncover. Luck would be on our side though, as those bodies just happened to be the bodies that would be getting their hands on said treasures. So Christmas morning commenced and a unpacking we went.

“Oh, Mrs. Koehler, do WE get to read those?!”

“Where are those going?!”

“Look at that one! I want to read that one! Wait no, what is that one?”

And so it went. To build anticipation for the reading extravaganza to come, I let them take a little peek but go no further. I was able to point out to a few kids that such and such a title would be perfection. And oh, they were hooked. Which left me with a conundrum.

This is about the children, I reminded myself.
I have the weekend… I whined to myself.
They are the ones that matter, I firmly replied.

Regardless of my internal struggle, I was held powerless by the drive and need to read and ended up bringing 14 titles home with me to read. They would never miss just one copy of each, right?

Which brings us back to the original question:

“How the hell are you finding time to read all those books?”

I’ll have to get back to you on that.

I have 3 left to finish and there is a chapter calling my name.