When Advil and Ice Simply Don’t Suffice

Advil, hobble, ice, repeat.

“Mommy can’t beat us, she’s too slow!”

5 months of these words and this routine and it’s time to wave the white flag.

Walking through my house, trying to view it through the eyes of someone on crutches, is a tough task. Partly because I can’t walk so well today and partly because I have never been on crutches in my life.

I’m noticing that my staircase bookcase might need to get the boot.
I’m noticing that the coffee table might need to get scooted over.
I’m noticing that our 7 steps up might be too many.
I’m noticing that our couch is nicely suited for “deep couch sitting.”

I’m realizing I won’t be able get around and do all the things I do now. Things will be tough. Mobility will be worse than it is now. So I am thinking this hobbling isn’t so bad. I can make it work.

Then I am noticing the pile of pictures already drawn to warm my heart in the hospital overnight, sitting next to a collection of stuffed friends to keep me company. I’m left standing here thinking how lucky I am to have people in my life to hold me up when I am falling down. Which you know is more than likely to happen if you have ever met my disaster laden self.

So the books and furniture may have to move and someone may have to help me up the stairs and off the couch. I will have to continue the meds, hobble, ice, repeat routine for a while.

But I will get stronger and I will beat them. 😉



Oh, That Tooth Fairy

There are finally gaping holes in Maddie’s mouth. When that tell-tale wiggling starts, I breathe a sigh, knowing we have at least a month before that sucker falls out. You see, she very much enjoys wiggling it just so. Not enough to jar it looser, but just enough to prove it’s on its way.

So the tooth fairy always has a lot of time to prepare. You know. The note, the glittered money. Apparently our tooth fairy is trippin. She must have forgotten how many teeth these little beasts lose. And how they are prone to losing them either first thing in the morning or right before bed. Leaving the tooth fairy with either plenty of time to forget about said tooth or not enough time to prepare the loot.

So of course the mental space of the Tooth Fairy was otherwise occupied upon bedtime and the 6 year old prepared the pillow and in a most clandestine fashion, put out her own loot and note for the Tooth Fairy. Of course she did.

Which of course left this mom faced with a mammoth stream of tears in the morning as a result of this particular fairy’s big fat giant fail. Enter that dad, who nicely explained that it was still dark, and boy, a lot of kids must have lost teeth last night! Maybe if we go downstairs the Tooth Fairy will sneak in, since you know, it’s still dark and she’s sneaky like that.

Lucky for that Tooth Fairy then, that Maddie still has a die-hard, fan for life belief in all things magical.  All was set right.

Our tooth fairy is subsequently banned from Pinterest.