Oh, That Tooth Fairy

There are finally gaping holes in Maddie’s mouth. When that tell-tale wiggling starts, I breathe a sigh, knowing we have at least a month before that sucker falls out. You see, she very much enjoys wiggling it just so. Not enough to jar it looser, but just enough to prove it’s on its way.

So the tooth fairy always has a lot of time to prepare. You know. The note, the glittered money. Apparently our tooth fairy is trippin. She must have forgotten how many teeth these little beasts lose. And how they are prone to losing them either first thing in the morning or right before bed. Leaving the tooth fairy with either plenty of time to forget about said tooth or not enough time to prepare the loot.

So of course the mental space of the Tooth Fairy was otherwise occupied upon bedtime and the 6 year old prepared the pillow and in a most clandestine fashion, put out her own loot and note for the Tooth Fairy. Of course she did.

Which of course left this mom faced with a mammoth stream of tears in the morning as a result of this particular fairy’s big fat giant fail. Enter that dad, who nicely explained that it was still dark, and boy, a lot of kids must have lost teeth last night! Maybe if we go downstairs the Tooth Fairy will sneak in, since you know, it’s still dark and she’s sneaky like that.

Lucky for that Tooth Fairy then, that Maddie still has a die-hard, fan for life belief in all things magical.  All was set right.

Our tooth fairy is subsequently banned from Pinterest.



6 thoughts on “Oh, That Tooth Fairy

  1. The purposeful word choice really enhances this moment. Your last line…too funny! I’ve found myself up until midnight trying to make something for Easter, Valentines Day, etc. all because of Pinterest. Maybe this mom should be banned too 🙂

  2. I will admit that tooth fairy stress is stress I am happy to have left behind. It all seems so intriguing and fun until you know the magic of sleep, the pains we take to not disturb it and how exhausting parenting truly is especially at the tooth fairy delivery witching hour!

  3. I love that final punchline, Kim. I’ll need to tell my daughter and son-in-law that they aren’t the only ones. Funny & oh, those parent woes make good stories later.

  4. Don’t you just search your brain every day for ways to ensure that your little one will keep her sense of wonder and amazement and BELIEF her whole wonderful life??? I think that believing in the tooth fairy can morph into believing in the magic and beauty of life as one ages. It’s such a gift.

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