Why I Wait



Two houses down. I could hear the rumble of the bus engine from my living room couch. With the doors closed.

And yet here I stand waiting for the bus. 

The other 5 first and second graders  that get off at this stop don’t have people waiting for them. 

And yet here I stand waiting for the bus.

We are not typically over protective parent types that hover and hawk-eye.

And yet here I stand waiting for the bus.

So why do I wait? Why not get the dishes done or fold some laundry or even take a few minutes to enjoy the silence of an almost never empty house? Why not catch up on a show that is sitting in the ever-growing dock of shows in the DVR? Why not read one more chapter before the after school routine begins?

I think of this every day as all these kids come rambling down the steps of the big yellow bus at the end of our cul-de-sac and go racing down the street to their houses. I think how cold it has been waiting for that bus to turn the corner.

Then I think of all those mornings Maddie was in tears during drop off at before care. I think of how her days are 8 and 1/2 hours long by the time she traipses down those steps. I think of how her whole life I’ve had to pick her up at daycare after work. I think of how excited she is to get to ride the bus and how proud she is to be “cool.”

After a few minutes of thinking, there she is. Her radiant, missing tooth smile greets me before  she stands on the corner bidding farewell to her seatmate through the window. She bounces over and wraps her arms around me and gives me a big squeeze and a sweet “hello, momma.”  I take her backpack and we walk those few houses length home holding hands as she starts telling me about her day.

That is why I stand here waiting for the bus.


14 thoughts on “Why I Wait

  1. Yep. That’s why! The life of a mamma. Never time for oneself. You’ve got it figured out. 🙂 And, might I add, this is why we slice. To remember. To remind ourselves. Well done.

  2. What a beautiful slice. I used to be a librarian at an elementary school. ON the first day, since I had no classes, my job was to escort kids having trouble finding their class. I will always remember this one boy who had no clue about anything. He looked about the age of a first grader so we checked all those classes. Not his. We finally checked in the office and he was a kindergartner. I couldn’t believe his parents had just sent him on the bus (on the wrong day…kinders had a staggered start) and trusted that everything would be OK. I always had a soft spot for him because he needed all the support the school could offer him.

  3. This piece captured a piece of my heart and as a working mom who has had similar experiences, I knew right were you were going with your “why.” I appreciate this piece so much because I can feel the emotions. I have also felt the emotions when I dropped a kid off crying or when I thought about how their day was even longer than mine by the time we arrived home. So, we revel in those times we can be there when we can perform the smallest of tasks and are rewarded by the “radiant, missing tooth smile.” What a heartfelt piece with a lot of thought behind all the actions. 🙂

  4. I absolutely loved your slice. That sweet missing tooth smile and that little hand in yours makes it all worth it!

  5. The things we do for our kids! Its all worth it for the hugs and wonderful memories. That’s why we put the labors of the day to the side, the labors that unfortunately will continue to be there day after day, to enjoy the time with your kids who sadly will grow up and move away. Guess what will still be there when this time comes, loving memories. There are no great memories in the labors of the day. That’s why we wait!

  6. On the very rare day that I actually get to drive my kids to school, we drive to school and park the car a few blocks away and become “car walkers.” Rather than just dropping them off through the car line, we walk a block, cross the street with the crossing guard, and walk to the front of the buildings to the lines. It’s stupid, but having our own special “thing” makes it better that I don’t get to do it every day.

    Such a great post.

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