2016 Poemy Monday, The First

It feels forced,
too much internal comparing.
All the heart has been used up,
only hollow words remain.

The pull to roam is strong.
Lost in the words of others,
hers just seem to fall flat.

To come back day after day,
seems too much to bear.

Maybe she won’t? 

But it’s been so long,
the commitment is embedded.

And so she sits before an empty screen,
willing for something sincere.
Something that will touch. 

Searching her caches,
brings up a desolate wasteland
of rejected ideas not worthy.
Inspiration needs to step in.


10 thoughts on “2016 Poemy Monday, The First

  1. A good poem to share this feeling for the blank screen. I always find that if I just put anything down to start with I can usually keep writing. I might delete the first line but at least I am not looking at a blank page.

  2. “A desolate wasteland of rejected ideas not worthy.” AHH! I totally understand this line, especially since I started this SOL challenge. Way to turn an empty screen into a masterpiece 🙂

  3. Don’t reject those ideas, everything is worthy of a few words. Your words are always entertaining, even when you think there’s nothing good in your cache. Write on!

  4. I think you words also apply well for this challenge. I do not read / comment on others until after I’ve posted my own. Some of the wonderful things written here surely make my posts seem unworthy in comparison. If I read first, I may never post. As it is I have an entire section of “drafts” that may never see the light of day because I still feel they are unworthy. A few have years on them -years- but I wrote them, so I saved them because you just never know. Today’s prose trash is tomorrow’s prime poetry.

  5. I opened my eyes this morning and I felt the very same way! I said, out loud, I’m all dried up. I have no more. Then, I opened my laptop and tap, tap, tap. I had more. Just like you did, here! 🙂

  6. I ordered a box from Amazon called “The Storymatic Rememory.” It is a box of cards with prompts to help you remember specific memories to write. I haven’t used it yet but feel better knowing it’s here if I cannot think of anything for this challenge! I enjoy all your posts, Kim.

  7. Even you slices about not having anything to slice about are awesome!! Love your poemy Mondays! I would love to have seen your process for writing this poem today. I wonder if it flowed nice and quickly or if the backspace button got a work out. Either way, I hope inspiration is a bit easier tomorrow! Thanks for another great slice!

  8. You capture the struggle and uncertainty perfectly! I sometimes get panicky at night, wondering what on earth I will write in the morning.

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