No Win Tag

You know it’s on when she comes up and sits and just stares you down. She doesn’t even blink, I swear. 

So you reach out to tag her and off she goes running to the next room. Stopping just long enough to turn around and scoff at you.

The second your toe hits the threshold of the room she chose, she’s off like a rocket expecting you to follow. Of course you do, the stakes are high here. 

When she hits the dead end of the basement the table turns and now you’re the prize. Off you go racing up the stairs stopping at the top. 

It doesn’t take long. There she is peeking around the corner.  You take off before she can react and make it to the next set of stairs. Again she is sticking her neck out just so- trying not to make a sound. 

Now it’s your turn to run round the nearest corner. 

The game of tag without a winner.



5 thoughts on “No Win Tag

  1. This just speaks to my fear of all things cat related! HA! Your cat sounds like a little ninja….Love how I was hanging on every line…and secretly hoping you would win at the end!

  2. You described your fur baby perfectly…….I also have some fabulous felines, and how we love our games of tag. Super cute slice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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