A Slew of Slicers 

There’s a slew of slicers in this challenge that have just made me stop and simmer in the awe that is their writing. 
Some I’ve known for years, working side by side. 

Some I’ve seen around and about working for the same district. 

Some I’ve been lucky to stumble across as I scroll through the daily call for posts. 

Some are the slicers that built the foundation of this challenge. 

I think of all as friends that I’ve met across these stories. Stories of families, students, houses, outings, and everyday noticings. 

All are inspiring and I am lucky to read your work. And have some of you read mine. 

I hope to continue to devour your words and maybe find my writer again someday. 

For now, thank you for being the writers you are. 

11 thoughts on “A Slew of Slicers 

  1. I feel lucky to have stumbled upon this challenge and to read writing everyday that inspires me. What a great slice that reflects the essence of this unique community.

  2. Slicing did open up a new side of people we hadn’t seen before. I love your posts. Always verbose and bursting with readerly descripts. Poemy Mondays are your jam. 🙂

  3. I completely agree with you! This is my first time trying Slice of Life and I have enjoyed reading so many posts and seeing the commitment and honesty in this writing community. Although I don’t know anyone personally who is part of this challenge, I feel like I’ve gotten to “know” writers through their posts. It has been an incredible and rewarding opportunity.

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