The Meat Monster Has Taken Over the Fridge


We’ve been eating out for a few days. Or ordering in. Depended on our mood. It always had to be somewhere with smaller portions. We couldn’t bring home any leftovers. 

You see, the meat monster had taken over the fridge. This is a more frequent than I would like to admit occurrence that I may or may not have written about before. 

You see, the annual picking of the guys will commence later today. No, it’s not us girls bidding on the most eligible bachelor. We are all happily attached to our own personal child already. 

It’s all our guys painstakingly picking their guys. Which naturally calls for an insane amount of food to feed 12 hungry men. And because I am married to the BBQ aficionado we are of course utilizing the pit barrel smoker to do this thing right. 

Being married to the chef and residing in the hosting draft house has its perks. One of which being that our fridge has been consumed by a 20 pound brisket, 20 pounds of pork shoulder, and 6 slabs of ribs.  In the meantime, the nooks and crannies are filled with blocks of yellow and heavy cream for mac and cheese and all the fixin’s for some top-notch potato salad. The six varieties of sauce for the novices and a collection of odds and ends that will someday be a mean cole slaw top it all off. 

Did I mention only 12 men are coming over?

So the meat takeover makes way for no thinking dinners. There is not a nook or cranny available for other food. 

Hopefully I will be fast enough so that I can rabbit away a plate of my own before they descend and pick every pan clean. 

7 thoughts on “The Meat Monster Has Taken Over the Fridge

  1. Ha… meat! I’m remembering when my good friend had the same issue- her husband was the cook and the fridge was always filled… now it’s empty and in that one respect, she’s very happy. Empty fridges… I’m on that side of the issue.

  2. “You see, the annual picking of the guys will commence later today.” Ha! This is so great……good luck with rabbiting away your plate…..:-)

  3. I love that when you write you keep me guessing. I need to read further because it’s like I’ve walked into a room where a conversation has already started and I’m trying to make meaning of the pieces I’m hearing.

  4. Sounds like it won’t be boring at your house! I’d welcome the excuse for no cooking. What a shame to have to pick up some delicious take-out and no dishes to do! 😉 I expect you’ll have plenty though, once the wild food rumpus starts. Enjoy!

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