A Silent Plea

The skies had been threatening to open wide for hours. The rumble was starting and you could hear the trees swaying without having to listen too closely.

Please. Please don’t start until after she’s asleep. 

At this point, huge gusts of winds were whirling about and one clap of thunder resonates throughout the house. I tiptoe upstairs hoping against hope that she would have already fallen asleep.

Peeking around the corner into her always lit, lest the dark take over, room, I am hopeful. There is not a sound. No calls for mommy or daddy to come save her from the storm. No gulps or sobs to alert us to her worst fear coming to fruition.

What I spy with my little eye stops my heart in its tracks.

There she is in the middle of her bed clutching the giant dog that looks just like the most recent angel dog in the family. There she is with eyes wide and blue. There she is with shoulders quivering and crocodile tears falling helplessly from her eyes.

Those big, blue, break my heart eyes are remembering the rule of not getting out of bed. The rule of not sleeping with mommy and daddy. The rule of needing to go to sleep.

Those big, blue, break my heart eyes are pleading with me to forget all those rules and save her.

So up she is scooped, giant Zoe and all.

Down the hall we go.

Into the king size bed, all cuddled up and safe.

Big blue eyes slowly dry out and drift close.

Sweet dreams.


8 thoughts on “A Silent Plea

  1. In every rule, there is an exception. This is one of the moments where you can let go. Why not? I’d be doing the same thing. On the side note, I LOVE your blog background!

  2. Beautiful description of a common situation. These moments are treasure. We can choose to take advantage of them or let them go by the wayside. But when you choose these treasures, they are never lost. They are the moments that both parent and child will remember for a lifetime. Love this!

  3. Oh, little Maddie. How sweet is she? Trying so hard to be brave! I love your ending. The big blue eyes that were crying big tears moved right into drying out and drifting closed. Sweet as can be.

  4. Oh, you ripped my heart out with the idea that she was following rules but scared to death! I was so happy when you scooped her up and brought her to your bed! Such great description!

  5. This is so familiar to a mother’s heart. A beautifully written story about a sweet, frightened little girl, and a wonderful mommy who knows that sometimes bending a rule will make everything okay. ❤

  6. I could just see her all curled up there. My oldest is about to head to college so I am feeling nostalgic. I miss the hugs and cuddles. Beautiful descriptions just broke my heart. 😉

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