What You Should Know

I never wanted to buy this house. I felt pressured to buy this house. When we were miles apart emotionally, how I willed for this house to sell. It never did. For now, we are still here.

If the day comes and we find ourselves packing up the belongings, we will be leaving behind years of frustration and love and memories. If you should happen to make this your next abode, you should probably know a few things.

You should know that there used to be a car port. I hated it. One day it fell down and our guardian angel kept us safe and now I miss it.

You should know that the kitchen is small. It’s been frustrating. Also know that every party we ever had ended up with amazing conversation while leaning up against the few counters.

You should know that the pink and green lady bug bedazzled bedroom belonged to the cutest little girl who just never had the heart to take them down. She loved them so.

You should know that there won’t ever be a drop of water in the basement. We spent the equivalent of a new car repairing the hidden damage and ensuring that all moisture be banned. You’re welcome.

You should know there is a small dent in the floor of the office. There’s a story behind that dent that would make you laugh out loud, a true LOL, if you will.

You should know that the bathroom upstairs was made that way on purpose. Hey, we are tall people. It’s nice to have things at your height when getting ready in the morning.

You should know that there was never enough space in this house. So we spent time with each other. We made memories that are far more important than any of the stuff crammed into the nooks and crannies.

I never liked this house.

But I’ll be sad to see it go.

7 thoughts on “What You Should Know

  1. This is a great thing for me to think about. We’re newlyweds packed into a teeny, tiny house, and this remind me to (1) appreciate what we have and (2) go in to house hunting knowing that I may not love the house, but I will love the memories.

  2. This is terrific. The juxtaposition of what are probably real complaints keeps the memories from being overly sentimental. And of course, we all want to hear the story of the dented door now!

  3. I once lived in a house (trailer, really) that I hated but when I think back on that time, it really was perfect for us in our place in life at the time. Memories were made there no matter how small it was or how leaky the windows. We do need to remember to be grateful for what is right in front of us. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. You made grateful for our new smaller house, Kim, to be together and make memories! I loved this piece. You always have a way of bringing me to the verge of tears with your posts. I have enjoyed them immensely this month.

  5. I love the tone of this slice. We all have things we went into having one opinion but ending up with another. Billy Joel’s song, “You’re my home” says
    Well I never had a place
    that I could call my very own
    but that’s all right my love
    ’cause you’re my home
    You will take all these memories with you.
    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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