My March Trade


The first of the month comes like clockwork. As does each Wednesday. Every week believe it or not.

This one is different.
This one has been building.
This one is not as welcome.

The books on my staircase bookcase have been dreading the flip of the calendar to March. They shudder at the thought of sitting unattended, their words stuck to the page. They’ve been relishing in our newfound relationship the last year or so. They’re not looking forward to one another’s company for the next thirty days. There will be no showing off how wonderful they were on any Instagram feeds or Facebook walls. For them, there will be no love.

I can feel their animosity as I carry my writer’s notebook notes section on my iPhone up the stairs. I can feel them sighing in resignation after I pass them by again in preparation for a month long stint of writer in residence. The sneaky buggers even fall over now and again to entice me with their beauty. Emails ping to let me know my pre-order is coming to join them and they get a little excited to have a new friend.

But nothing is as satisfying as me falling into their pages.

That’s my March trade off. Reader in residence to writer in residence.

Here’s to writing. Here’s to reading stories of a different kind. Here’s to leaving and receiving comments. Here’s to getting lost in some pages. Here’s to feeling the love that only a true writing community can provide.

Here’s to March.


15 thoughts on “My March Trade

  1. Wonderful trade-off. And we get to be the recipient of your transition to writer in residence. I love how your personified your books. Tell those books you’ll return in just 30 days. Love this line from your post: “Here’s to feeling the love that only a true writing community can provide.”

  2. Without your books you wouldn’t be able to be the beautiful writer-in-residence! And so, now it’s your pen’s turn. I love the idea of books watching us and waiting for us to come back to them. So lovely.

  3. I’m such a sucker for personification! “The sneaky buggers even fall over now and again to entice me with their beauty” – reminds me of kids trying to get your attention. Cute slice! I can feel your pain of leaving your books, but I am selfishly excited for your trade-off because I love your blogs!

  4. * Looks at books piled on corner of desk *

    GET OUT OF MY HEAD KIM! Between my various poetry challenges, essay challenge and now this, my book reading glasses gather dust as my computer reading glasses get plenty of use for the next 30 days. But we need to read to write, yes? So I think it’s a fair trade off for the month.

  5. Love your use of personification! Knowing how much you LOVE books, not an easy trade-off. But this writing community is so much the better because of it!

  6. My favorite line: “their words stuck to the page.” Love that! It’s so descriptive…I can j9t only see it, but I feel it. Such a sad tale. But so very hopeful at the end!

  7. Oh Kim, I had to smile when I read this. I KNOW how much you LOVE your books. I call you the book queen. LOL This trade off is a good one though, because if gives you the opportunity to share your craft with the rest of us, and voracious readers are amazing writers.. I, for one, and super glad you’re here.

  8. What a trade….the 10 (yes I counted) books on my nightstand are going to be a little neglected as I write and read and comment….there is a sadness, but also I so excited! Can’t wait to read all your slices this month!

  9. Obsessed with the personification you used to bring life to your books. I’m sure they will understand. Writing just helps you better appreciate the authors and characters when you return to them in April! Good luck staying focused on your writing!

  10. I wish I could say I was trading reading for writing. To be honest, I haven’t really had time for either. It’s been a struggle to find the time for writing this week, but I have. Perhaps in April, I can find time to read again, too! This was lovely.

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