An Assist From Some Calicos


I arrive at work each morning and rip the cat with the funny/serious/uplifting quote from the daily calendar I have on my desk.

As I turn to toss the page into the recycling bin, the date catches my eye. I’m not sure what puzzle piece clicked in my head but I paused and felt my body melt back into my chair, still clutching the little calico cats huddled together reminding you that friends help hold you up. I could have used a friend right then, but the memories had already sucker punched me. I had no choice but to sit and simmer in them for a moment.

My mom telling me how the little ones fell asleep on the floor in front of the dollhouse that his hands lovingly crafted decades ago. 

The dusting of snow that catches my eyes,  glittering on the edges of the leaves of the Japanese Maple Tree. It resides in our front yard and used to reside in his. 

The sturdy step stool that makes its way from room to room even though Maddie is plenty high enough to reach most everything in our made for tall people house. 

The times I am overwhelmed by life and he’s one of the first people I see in my mind. His calm supporting silence that let you be you, comforts me. 

The moment passes.

I turn and gently place the calicos up against my pencil cup and begin my day.



8 thoughts on “An Assist From Some Calicos

  1. Isn’t it weird how we suddenly get those memories in our minds eye and it’s like they just happened yesterday? They can be so vivid! On a lighter note…I love the silly, funny reference to the corny sayings on those calendars. “Reminding you that friends help hold you up!” So funny and I loved how you subtly inserted that into your poignant story. Well done!

  2. I came on the make comments, and you were the last person to post. It’s like it was meant to be. We were reunited by blog again.

    I have missed reading your posts! This one is achingly beautiful, too.

  3. Triggers pop up out of nowhere and take our mind back to another place and time. Your description of melting back into your chair made me sit up and take note. It changed the tone of this post. Well done!

  4. I love how you slow down and let the reader see what gets remembered and the physical spaces you leave between these memories–spaces where other memories may reside. Loss his difficult and cutting, regardless of the length of time. wishing you a blessed day.

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