Concert Squats


My husband and I attend more shows than the average concert goers. It stems from him being a music guy at his very core. Over the years, there have been some rules put in place; no concerts for me on a school night and no concerts in sub freezing temperatures. I’m too old to wake up after no sleep and I’m too old to stand in the cold.

After two knee surgeries in the last year, standing for long periods of time is hard enough. So when it comes to squatting? Yeah, neither joint is real keen on that concept. Luckily, I just have to navigate the stiffness from standing for a long time getting -ahem- dehydrated.

Recently, we went to a show at one of my favorite venues and it was the show that never ends. Seriously, this band just kept going, energizer bunny style. It was a great show though, so I didn’t mind so much.

That is how I experienced one of the coolest moments I have ever been a part of. The singer of the band hops off stage and walks along the railing, all the while singing and talking to the crowd. He jumps down and heads to the middle of the floor without a burly security shadow in sight. This is not an average occurrence if you’re wondering. 

From there, he manages to get hundreds of people to squat down around him and have a very kum ba ya moment. Well. Most people were squatting down. I’m doing some contortionist leaning and borrowing of my husband’s and new best friend rock buddy’s shoulders.

Thinking how cool is this and  this is why we continue to go to shows and be a part of this world.

Then thinking, wow, this is going on for a long time. Is he going to sing the whole song? 

He did sing the whole song and talked to the crowd for a few more minutes after that. For those minutes, you could hear a pin drop and feel the collective rock community soaking up the moment.

Hobbling back to the car, leaning on my music loving husband,  I am ultimately grateful for having been a part of this moment:

concert squats


4 thoughts on “Concert Squats

  1. Wow!! Talk about taking one for the team. Knowing how painful your knee issues are, I am incredibly impressed by your contortions and stamina that pulled you through. You are a trooper, my friend, and obviously, a very serious music fan!! What a fun memory to share!!!! ❤

  2. That is such a beautiful moment! I experienced something similar year back and your blog just brought back all those emotions and memories! Maybe I can write it about soon, and really allow my writing to express that moment like you did.

  3. This is great, Kim. You captured is so well here! I laugh at your “this is cool” immediately followed by “is this ever going to end?” Ha ha.

    I love that you and Brian are secretly rock stars. Love it.

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