Maddie: A Study in Contradiction


“How do you spell that donkey from Winnie the Pooh, whose tail falls off?”
“Does Tigger have two g’s?”
“What’s the name of that chunky mouse from Cinderella?”
“How do I spell Figaro?”

I’m upstairs getting ready and Maddie is peppering the air with these questions. It’s been a long journey to getting this girl to brave spell. We’ve made a compromise for names after her argument that “names are important and we should always always always spell them right. Out of respect.” She had a point. So now we work together to spell names.

After the 7th name is hollered through the air, I ask her what on Earth she is working on.

“I’m making a seating chart for my Tsum Tsum storage case. It took me ALL day to get them in the right space so they all fit and I don’t want it to get messed up. That would be the WORST!”

Okay, then.
And…here is a picture of her room at that same moment:

maddie room









7 thoughts on “Maddie: A Study in Contradiction

  1. I love this. Maddie sounds like a girl after my own heart. My car may be cluttered, my desk may have stacks, laundry tends to pile up on the chair next to my bed… I can tolerate all of this chaos, but when it comes to creative projects, or literacy endeavors, I am an OCD, anal retentive perfectionist. Needs to be precise. I find sanction in reports that Einstein and other, “geniuses,” were unorganized, however much of a cop out that may be, haha, bc I’m no Einstein. But maybe you can find solace in the idea that she is a little budding genius, honing in on her craft. The room will still be there for her to straighten when her seating chart is complete. Priorities, Mom! 🙂

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