Set the Alarm 

I set the  alarm. 

Every night before bed I scroll through the innumerate options waiting for me on my phone. There’s the 4:30, the 4:45, the 6:10, the 6:15. You get the idea. I still wonder on what occasion I may have needed that 4:30. This lady is not a morning person. Ever. 

Each night I select the 6:10. I never get out of bed at the 6:10. That’s what the 6:55 is for. Ocassionally the 6:40 if I have a meeting. 

I set the alarm as a safety net in case Brian forgets his or in case the never sleeping child decides to buck tradition and actually sleep. 

I set the alarm to take my required morning pill and needs to be taken at the same time every day and at least 30 minutes before I ingest my morning crack, I mean coffee. 

I set the alarm to be able to reset the alarm and steal a few extra minutes in my squished just right for me bed. The cat is on board too. She saunters over and cuddles right in. 

My secret though is that I set the alarm to catch a snippet. To spy. It’s not very often that I get to hang back and listen. Each day there’s her too happy sing song morning voice and his too tired low rumble filled with love for this little girl. 

They have their own pregame show before the day begins. 

I set the alarm so I don’t miss it. 


5 thoughts on “Set the Alarm 

  1. I used to set multiple alarms because I was afraid of missing the first! I usually wake up before the first and turn it off before it wakes anyone else. When the alarm actually wakes me I am surprised!

  2. I set my alarm but someone usually wakes me first. I used to snooze and snooze long ago. I probably lost a lot of sleep that way! Your ending was very sweet!

  3. 6:55? What time do you have to be at work? I can’t imagine sleeping in that late. I get up at 4:15 most mornings to exercise. The latest is 5:30 on days I don’t exercise! That morning coffee is the best!

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