Breakfast Duos



Upon that word being uttered, you have about 10 minutes to roll out of bed and fix yourself up to resemble a human being of some sort.

There’s never a preconceived plan to go to breakfast. It’s a thought that floats through the air and waits for one of us to grasp on to it. Most weekends, it aimlessly flies around and never gets stuck.

This weekend, it was first thwarted by the pounding in our heads. Ah, but this morning it relished in needling in to his brain and finally won. Which left me the previously mentioned 10 minutes to get to the car lest he leave without me.

Our morning breakfast duos are some of my favorite. The week melts into the conversation and builds a bridge to the future.  Then we just are. We settle on any random fact, topic, or tidbit that strikes our fancy. Our place is a place where everyone knows your name.  The coffee is plentiful and never ending. The food comes fast and you’re encouraged to linger.

Linger, we do. For when we leave the day returns to us and we set off toward our obligations.


12 thoughts on “Breakfast Duos

  1. I love your descriptions, My favorite line is the last one: “Linger, we do. For when we leave the day returns to us and we set off toward our obligations.” Beautifully put. ~JudyK

  2. This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I love the picture it paints in my mind. Sunny Sunday morning breakfast with someone you love. It just doesn’t get any better than that!!! ❤

  3. You nailed it. Impromptu breakfasts are my favorite… love the line about having 10 minutes to resemble some sort of human being. Haha.. so true. And there is such a charm and relaxed feeling about breakfast, right? I’m happy you two started your day off right. 🙂

  4. My wife and I used to live near the most wonderful restaurant for breakfast. The eggs Benedict was my favorite, and I’m sorry to say we’ve never found a restaurant to compare. I’m glad you have such a fantastic place!

  5. What a great way to start your day…though I would be hard pressed to be ready in 10 minutes. It’s funny because my oldest son wanted to go somewhere for breakfast this morning & was complaining how we “never” do that. (Except all the times we do, of course that he somehow forgot in the moment of hunger!!)

  6. I completely, 100% am with you on this slice! Today we walked to breakfast and the conversation was so nice. Most of the time we are running here and running there. Or, the TV is on and we’re just vegging. But, on a walk TO breakfast there is all the time in the world to chat and catch up on last week’s events and to plan this coming week’s events. I swear I was thinking about how great of a slice this topic would be as we walked. You did it beautifully!!!!

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