2017 Poemy Monday the Third


Won’t You Come Back?

Back for a visit,
just for a day.

Decision to be selfish,
for you and your littlest.

She’ll want you to stay,
it’s so hard to explain.

Places to see,
we’d love to come with.

To be able to see,
what you’ve always seen.

You’ll need to see her,
she’s been so tough.

So you’ll just have
to stay.
We need you.

You’re so far away,
come a little closer.
Just for a day.

Or forever.

This poem was “found” within a slice I wrote a few years ago. When the words of a poem struggle to form in my mind, I like to walk through old pieces and see what lines I can discover.



2 thoughts on “2017 Poemy Monday the Third

  1. Yes, I can do this! Thanks for the last bit at the end explaining your thought process and structure. And, of course, the words you chose are so beautiful. Haunting, actually.

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