History is Cool

The popular crew these days. The trendy crew these days. 
Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton. Aaron Burr. 

Yeah. The stoic stiff faced portraits that stared at you from your history books are cool. 

People are crowding in droves to see them. The screaming and cheering when they step on stage is enough to make you want to whip out the noice cancelling headphones. 

Except when you’re happily in the midst of the screaming and cheering swarm. When you’re in awe of the set, astounded by the performances, brought to tears by the verse. 

When you sit there and all you can think is This is so, cool. You don’t have any other words for it. 

I’m still coming off the high of being there and experiencing it alongside a swarm of high school choir kids. They’re excitement and wide eyed awe was contagious and I found myself looking at their reactions as closely as I watched the performance. 

For these kids the level of excitement could only be described as equivalent to me getting a lunch date with JK Rowling and Kate Di Camillo (that would be a really big deal like really really big deal).

These kids got to see themselves in the performers on stage. They got to imagine the possibilities. They got back on that bus and under the layer of star power they were basking in, the talk of the technique started to seep out. They could do this too. 

That moment there on the bus was my favorite of the night. 

King George was pretty stellar too though. Like epically so. 🙂 


3 thoughts on “History is Cool

  1. My history loving self is so jealous… I so want to see this! I, too, enjoy people watching…especially those who are experiencing a show for the first time… their expressions are so full of pure joy. I’m so glad you enjoyed the show!!!

  2. Right?! And the fact that KIDS are loving theater — REAL LIVE theater — makes me so happy! A new generation of kids who want to go downtown and support the arts. And see a production about HISTORY. I’m so thrilled!

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