2017 Poemy Monday the Fourth on Tuesday


*The last Poemy Monday (on a Tuesday) is a compilation of my slice titles from the month thus far.

Fragile edges,
no help.
Morning slip and slide.

Mojo, where did you go,
another one bites the dust.

Set the alarm,
a shrinking neighborhood,
the spider awaits.

Sneaky chatting,
a futile rescue mission.

Maddie a study in contradiction,
destined to glitter,
tempered zest,
momma let me in.

The ultimate solution,
an assist from some calicos.

Concert squats,
banana bops,
the other woman,
breafkast duos,
this is us.

History is cool,
the same books.

My March trade.



6 thoughts on “2017 Poemy Monday the Fourth on Tuesday

  1. This is wonderful! I am learning that writers can be innovative. I have learned so much. Thanks for adding this idea to the numerous examples I have collected.

  2. Great idea! I’ve written a poem with my slice titles for Wednesday’s slice. Come by and see it; I credit you with the inspiration.

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