On a Mission


It’s no secret that books are my jam. Nor is it a secret that I am not much of a multi-tasker when one particular thing is taking up all the real estate in my mind. The current monopoly in my mind is books. Not much a change, except I’ve got to adjust the lease. I’ve got to create vacancies for the new occupants: books that take up the real estate in the minds of eight year old readers.

This is how I found myself diving into the stacks of a local book rescue. Found myself sitting on an ancient library stool flipping through each title imagining the reaction of each reader and looking for the opportunities for the teacher in me. There were titles that brought back memories and titles that were new discoveries. Some that will be mentor texts and some that are just plain fun.

Two bags of books to be stamped and inventoried. It’s a start.

A start to building a place that welcomes readers and encourages them to explore. A place where they can discover their passions and delve into their wonderings. A place that takes us places beyond the four walls of our classroom. A place where we can bring the world to our fingertips.

For me, it’s the most important piece of a classroom. It offers possibility and wonder. It allows children to see themselves both in and behind the words. It’s a place for us to gather together, or alone, to be readers and writers. Most important of all, thinkers and learners.

It’s the classroom library.

And I’m on a mission. A mission that starts today and never ends. For this piece is ever changing and adapting to its occupants.

Much like my mind these days.


4 thoughts on “On a Mission

  1. Ohmygoodness! So much that I just love here! I am already envious of your classroom library, and you have just jumped back in. You have such lucky students to have a teacher with such a love of books…

  2. My book loving friend, it will be wondrous and magical!! I am so happy and excited for you and the lucky students you will surely impact deeply. ❤

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