He’s Not Ready 

Maddie is going to be eight this summer. There’s a lot of things we’re  holding on to in a last ditch effort to slow time. Both Brian and I are at varying degrees of letting go. This was most evident during a conversation the other day. 
Maddie is world famous for not being able to find her own hand when it’s right in front of her face. I was relaying how she couldn’t find the applesauce one morning so she asked if she could have potato chips instead. Of course I said, no chance kiddo. Make some toast and have some strawberries. I chuckled at her attempt to work the system. 

Where were YOU? He asked in what I might say was an accusatory tone. 

You let her use the TOASTER?! What if she burns herself? What if she used a knife to get it out? 

Yep, accusatory. We remain divided on how much kitchen responsibility an eight year old can handle. I wasn’t about to remind him that she carefully cuts her own strawberries most mornings.  He may have called the authorities. 

Meanwhile, Maddie is becoming quite the seamstress. She’s designing dresses for her dolls, sewing little animals for her dolls, and is a pillow making machine. 

She proudly shows off her creations to her Dad and he returns with genuine appreciation for her skills.

I can only assume that he has no idea she operates a sewing machine. Or that she threads and works a very sharp needle and works a hot glue gun to attach details. 

I’ll keep those details to myself until he’s ready. 

5 thoughts on “He’s Not Ready 

  1. I can feel this piece in the deepest crevices of my soul. It is hard to let go, and it never gets easier. But you are a super mom, and your instincts will always guide you in the right direction. Of that, I have no doubt.

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