The List

It always starts on April Fool’s Day. The list. Such a fool’s errand on my part as after that day it sits collecting dust. I pull out my trusty dust buster around New Year’s Day and add a few. Then comes along February and I feel the need to stop this slow climb and put the pedal to the metal.

I start to look at every crevice of my day for a moment that I can add to the list. I’m always a little rusty as I finagle the schedule that is my life to make more room for writing.

My list as of late is a little lacking and although I feel that every March, this March is the worst, like every March is. It’s my cycle, albeit wonky and crooked, it is me.

Some jump out, like the dead hamster. Some stumble their way on, like the penguin diorama down the bus steps. Some are grabbed in desperation like the crooked paper on my bulletin board that I don’t fix (that can totally be a post, yeah? Maybe? Probably not).

So here’s to March and here’s to everyone and their own wonky and crooked path to slices. I look forward to reading. Even if your path is even and straight. After all, it takes all kinds.

And how wonderful is that?

8 thoughts on “The List

  1. I am feeling exactly this! I agree that some jump right out and some don’t, but personally I want to hear the one about the crooked bulletin board paper!!! HA! Happy March! I am excited to read what you have to share this month!

  2. I have enjoyed reading your…middle-of-the-year slices – a lot! And – there is also something very magical about the month of March and all that it holds for us writers. Here’s to us!!!

  3. What a smart idea, to make a list in preparation for this challenge. We are all rusty in the beginning, yet I don’t see rust here. I love the line, “finagle the schedule that is my life”… so, so true.

  4. Sigh. Kim, I just LOVE your writing- always so full of creative language and voice!! “Wonky and Crooked Paths”… girl I felt like you were talking to me! So excited to read your slices again this month! ❤

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