Poemy the Monday, The First

Book Heart

She sits down,
nestled in the corner,
cushion in hand.
A book to conquer!

Two minutes later…

Drink gotten,
nose blown.
New book to conquer!

Three minutes later…

Another drink,
more tissue.
New book to conquer!

I’ve tried them all.
The best of the best.

Nothing has stuck,
she still bounces like popcorn.

I’m not giving in.
Her heart needs a book,
all it takes is a book.

The right book.


8 thoughts on “Poemy the Monday, The First

  1. No, I know you won’t give in. When it sticks, and one day it will, all of the other books that popcorned in her head will come flooding back. It will all be worth it.

  2. This poem is a perfect expression of who you are and your complete and utter love of books. I have no doubt that you will succeed in your endeavor. She is a very lucky girl. ❤

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