Classroom Community Litmus Test: Diorama Edition

Maddie comes traipsing down the steps carrying a large teal colored “we never bought those shoes” shoebox. My teacher Mom self immediately cringes thinking of some project or another we will need to add to our slate. My fellow mom next to me cringes in fear of a forgotten one.

Luckily for her, no project was forgotten. Lucky for me, no new deadline was looming over our heads.

Their class was simply studying habitats and their party of five created a lovely shoe boxed diorama habitat. Complete with shredded cotton snow.

When the time came to take home projects the group unanimously agreed that Maddie should get custody.

How does such a group come to a unanimous decision I wondered? Eight year olds are apt to argue even the most finite of points in a battle to the death.

The response when I inquired was, “Oh, they all said it just made sense to give it to me.”

In other news, the community within my daughter’s third grade class is doing just fine.

The diorama is currently sitting in a sea of black and white, it’s teal edges barely peeking out. The penguins inside were immediately welcomed into the family.

6 thoughts on “Classroom Community Litmus Test: Diorama Edition

  1. I love this whole thing! There’s no reason these projects can’t be done in school. And I like that it was a group effort. And I’m glad the penguins had a flock to join at your house.

  2. I loved that you let a picture end this slice. I also love that Maddie’s classmates are kind enough to just give the project to her, no arguing, no ‘but I want it.’ They knew it fit her best, and she received it. A kind, simple gesture made for a great slice.

  3. Ha! I love the surprise, twist ending. I can imagine the conversation I would have with my class about making inferences, using pictures as clues… so great! Thanks!

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