When Things Get Real

I stand in the aisle telling myself that I am not in fact, ridiculous. The selections are bountiful. The scents range from pleasant to what I can only describe as mind numbing. Off comes every cap and with a whiff, I can tell if it will or will in fact not grace his armpits.

For some reason, in our marriage, I am slated with the purchase of my husband’s deodorant. As never does a swipe hit my underarm, I cannot be slated to remember what brand and manly scent I purchase each visit to that aisle. So a selection is made and he goes on his merry way not stinking up the joint, thanks to me.

Merry Christmas to him brought us to Milwaukee for a two night hard rock extravaganza a few months later. Leaving on a Friday after work and hastily packing both myself and our eight year old dynamo all hyped up on going to Grandma’s for the weekend led to  the sh*t gettin real Saturday morning as we were getting ready to go brew it up before rocking it out.

We were on a deadline with Uber. I was left with little choice. So swipe times four and we were on our way.

Two, Dove For Men, Fresh Clean scented, pair of armpits. I’d like to think more than a few degrees away from the mind numbing end of the spectrum.


9 thoughts on “When Things Get Real

  1. Lately I have found myself having to purchase such things for my mom, and it kind of stresses me out to have to choose for her. I usually try to take a picture of what she currently has so I can easily find it. It helps take the guesswork out of it and eliminate the stress!

  2. This is my legit fear! I am already not great at remembering his deodorant choice while searching through the few hundred in the aisle, but in a pinch I might have made a swipe or two! This was such a fun slice!

  3. I didn’t realize how much I connected to your slice until I read Amanda’s comment! OMG. I now have to buy for my mom AND her caregiver!!!! The pressure is huge to get it right! I get lots of sideways looks if I didn’t Funny slice, Kim! Very clever…

  4. I love how you can take such an everyday task, such as picking out deodorant, and turn it into such an amazing piece of writing. You just had me sitting here thinking about all the tiny things I should consider turning into a slice. Thanks for opening me up to new ideas! And seriously…fantastic writing!

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