May the Stories Carry Us


“Telling stories is like letting out all the scared inside you.”

Sometimes my reader self finds a line so perfectly fit to my heart’s current fissures that it gets lifted and turned endlessly to and fro in my mind.

This is the month of stories. Stories surround me all the other months of days, but they’ve been stacking up inside, in a haphazard manner, not wanting to come forth per the usual flow.

So that line from that Jacqueline Woodson, is my flow. That’s ok.

Telling stories bursts out the happy.
Telling stories seeps out the hurt.
Telling stories wrenches out the sadness.
Telling stories spotlights the ordinary.
Telling stories finds the moments in between.
Telling stories connects the unknown to one another.
Telling stories reveals the regrets.
Telling stories frees the scared.

Telling stories puts light out into this world.
Even if they’re not light on the soul.

So here’s to March.
May all the things that stories do for us lift us up and carry us through.

8 thoughts on “May the Stories Carry Us

  1. Yes to all of this! Your writing has a way to just reach me…I hope that this month you are able to tell all your stories and thank you for providing some inspiration for all of us ready to tell our stories as well!

  2. Ahhh… I just love your writing, Kim. You always have the most creative structures and pull these fantastic lines that just speak to the world. Come down and teach me your ways! 🙂

  3. Kim, you are always you find a way to inspire…….so happy to be back together in our “writerly” world, as this is where the very foundation of our friendship began. Love you, my friend! Happy March!!

  4. KIm – You make March feel like a warm blanket – familiar and cozy. I look forward to your stories as the month of March magically whisks us up an down and all around!!!

  5. Ah, yes, she’s back! My favorite place to emotionally shop in March is Live, Love, Teach 😁 That Jaqueline Woodson quote you shared speaks so strongly to me right now. I’m looking forward to your stories!

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