Light in Hard Rock


“When the music plays whatever is dividing us doesn’t f*cking  matter.”
David Draiman, lead singer of Disturbed


A band named Disturbed. A band that helps people be anything but.  I’m typing here while the speaker to the left of me is blaring and the stage one hundred feet ahead is alive with flames and the passion of the musicians gracing it. All around me I see all walks of life. Strangers that feel the music in their core.

This show that is hard rock. This show that is highlighting the struggles so many of us fight. This show that brings a survivor of suicide on stage to share his own struggle  and to allow the arena of thousands to send a cacophony of love his way. This show that seems intimate despite the thousands other bodies all around me. This show that talks about addiction and depression and loss and brings it into the light alongside the heavy head banging feel it in your bones tunes.

Our stories do so much for us.

Darkness can show you the light. A lesson in a hard rock song and displayed on stage for all to see.

Thank you, gentlemen of Disturbed.

Thank you for seeing us. Thank you for telling your stories your way. Thank you for bringing light to so many in the dark.


Acoustic stage in the middle of the crowd where Disturbed talked about losses of great people and talent recently. Losses felt around the world which bring an absence to hearts and minds and music.


6 thoughts on “Light in Hard Rock

  1. Kim, you surprised me- heavy metal fan??
    Your words were so true- music brings out a lot in people and it’s great that musicians share their ups and downs in life. Hope you enjoyed the show!

  2. Loved imagining you typing in the midst of a hard rock concert! You showed the beauty and depth of this music. So great that the band spotlighted survivors and spoke aloud of suicide – hopefully, they touched the heart of someone in need, preventing this terrible loss.

  3. While I just cannot picture you at a heavy metal concert, the passion the music makes you feel can definitely be felt through this piece of writing! Thanks for showing me another side to that music!

  4. Jealous and in awe. That’s how your slice leaves me feeling. Jealous, because I’m secretly in love with David Draiman? (He’s on my list of people I’d most love to meet) LOL In awe, because in a few short paragraphs, you have the ability to make the whole world purchase tickets to see a heavy metal band, regardless of musical preference. I’m glad you got to experience this band in person.and glad that you chose to write about them.

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