Poemy Monday the Third


That Hurt

When you don’t mean to,
at least,
I mean, I hope you don’t.

Ugh, this show again?
That annoyed.

You’re reading another book?
That cut.

Staying in again?
That’s right.

Another long slice?
That slices.

You’re not exactly thin.
That envelops.

God, you’re quiet.
That resonates.

When you don’t understand,
and it comes out in a way…

That hurt.

10 thoughts on “Poemy Monday the Third

  1. This poem is really speaking to me right now. I’m feeling covered head to toe in “cuts” this month. I love how you’ve said so much in so few words – the “cuts” you chose as examples connect to so many things that people say day in and out without thinking first (or maybe even after they’ve thought about it). I hope all your cuts heal quickly!

  2. This is so powerful and beautifully written. I don’t know what else to say except that I really, really love it. Talk about resonating!! Wow!!! This poem resonates to the soul!

  3. Poetry Perfection….your word choice is exquisite! All the feels over here! I love your Monday commitment to poetry!

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