Magical Sentiments


They appear when you’re not paying attention.

There is a foggy I love you on the bathroom mirror.
There’s the little alien guy on the passenger window behind the driver.
And then there’s the smiley face on the back door of our house.

They bring me to a pause and a grin every single time the too hot or too cold temperature brings out the magical sentiment.

All a sign that the glassy surfaces need to be cleaned. All a sign of the love and silliness that is our old, but not too old offspring. All give my heart a smile.

Our hearts need more smiles these days, so the windex can wait and the smiles can stay.



3 thoughts on “Magical Sentiments

  1. So fun! I love the rhythm in this piece. It is always a nice surprise when we see something sweet and unexpected from our little ones!

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