Silver Sisters


Gray. Grey? Silver. However you spin it, it’s not a popular choice. Well, if you’re talking  cars, it may be. If you’re talking hair, holy sh*t, you best be talking about cars. The stigma that surrounds women and their strands of silver is so deep rooted in our culture it’s astounding.

I have never been, nor will I ever be the type to hit up the salon to get her hair “look” polished. Okay, once upon a time, I got highlights in a salon. I dyed it at home. Once. It turned orange. I went dark to save it. I got highlights to lighten it. That was the end of the road for me and when those first gray strands burst past the color, I ignored them.

At first people didn’t notice. They complimented my highlights. I laughed to myself and parted my hair a little differently to hide those pesky silver strands. Somewhere along the line, those pesky strands turned into a full on streak on the front end from roots to ends past my shoulders.

Sometimes I try to pony tail it in a way that they blend in and on a quick glance, they appear as bright highlights. I think. Outside the streak, there’s some recruiting going on and some friends are joining the ranks.

I’m okay with it. Doesn’t really matter to me. I had crazy blond hair growing up and silver seems a fitting way to round out my life.

My dark haired beauty of a sister, who is recognizable by her thick strands, has recently decided to actively embrace her grey and have the guidance of a professional leading the way. She’s tracking her journey and speaking of the confinement of constant coloring and how freeing it is to let go. About how many beautiful silver, white, and gray sisters there are out there rocking it on the daily.

I chuckle to think that by our fifties or sixties we will no longer be that blond hair pale sister and that dark haired olive sister.

We shall be silver sisters.




9 thoughts on “Silver Sisters

  1. I am a brunette with a blonde twin sister. I have embraced my grey and, almost to my mid-50s – have salt and pepper hair. I think my hair now is the best it’s ever been. My blond sister will, like my blonde dad, transition woth no one realizing.

  2. My mom was practically in her eighties when she finally stopped coloring her hair. It was a beautiful white, like her mother’s before her and her sisters, too. So I gave up in my early 60’s and have been happily white-haired since- it makes me feel close to my mom and aunts, who are gone now. I don’t know if my sister will join me or not…she appears to have the gray from our dad’s side, and isn’t thrilled with it.

  3. Your are so right about the stigma of gray hair and its tortures of hiding it. I am 57 and I have never dye my hair, so probably I will never do. I always say that nature gives you what you can tolerate. I can´t stand sitting in a beauty parlor, so nature has given me so far very few grey hair (at least on the outside). I like the silver sisters.Probably we are all ReSisters.

  4. I have thought about embracing my “silver sisterhood” but feel that I am not quite there yet. On the outside, I have the color that I have always had, with just a little assistance. Maybe soon I will be brave like you, after all, my hair seems to be getting shorter and shorter…

  5. I laughed out loud as I read this….mostly because I am not capable of embracing my silver (yet!). I looked in the mirror the other morning and immediately texted a picture of my hair to my stylist with an SOS call to get my hair done!

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