No Time


I roll over in bed and as soon as I open my eyes, I feel that familiar feeling.

No! It’s 7:30 am and we have a full day planned! No time for that feeling.

I carefully let my lids fall down around the sand and move them to the right. More sand. Move them left. More sand. Up. More sand. Down. More sand. We aren’t evening heading to any beaches today.

I sneak past the snorer sleeping off his Devils’ win after a stein too many and get to the bathroom mirror. I lean against the sink with my head hanging in resignation. I feel the heaviness in my shoulders that I am about to make this day much more hectic and difficult.  I know what I will find when I look up. The sandy tell gave it away.

I’m just mentally running through my options. Of which there is only one.

So we race to the closest urgent care for confirmation, race to the pharmacy for drops to banish the pink, race to the Dunkin for life, race back to the pharmacy to return a misplaced card, race to the hotel to get ready, and race on to our day.

We collapse on the ferry, out of breath and missing a hat. We’ve got double pink eye on one end of the bench and a stein too many hangover on the other.

Yet with copious hand washing and a handful of Excedrin migraine, we are ready to take on the day.



7 thoughts on “No Time

  1. There is definite persistence happening here! I think I would have turned over and gone back to sleep. Hope both ailments disappear quickly and you get to enjoy your vacation!

  2. Not the way you planned your day in the city! Ugh! I could feel your “sand” eyes as I was reading….I’m glad you got meds and were able to enjoy your day!

  3. I’m sorry you guys are under the weather, but certainly admire your perseverance.
    “Yet with copious hand washing and a handful of Excedrin migraine, we are ready to take on the day”
    Feel better, both of you!! 🙂

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