Poemy Sunday Bonus


Ending my slicing adventure with some spine poetry of sorts. 31 slices. 31 titles. A collection of poems.

Those Slices

Slice a lot,
the backstory,
spring loading.

One day,
at home,
may the stories carry us.

Construction messy,
pluggity, plug, plug, plug,
the laundry scores,
bad neighbors,
frustration erased.

meowy dreams,
enter pug?!?!
NO time.

Ring of bravery,
nope nope nope,
the absent ring,
polishing her edges.

Magical sentiments,
anti Potter,
silver sisters.

Stealing my own child,
discarded memories,
light in the hard rock.

That day,
that house,
that silence,
that hurt,
just don’t think about it.



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