Insurmountable March


It’s been building for weeks. Every time the thought came, I escaped it. This weekend it started with the first thought on Saturday. That led me to flee.

Around the laundry pile in the hall, to the office.

When we first met with our cleaning lady, we decided the office would just be skipped. Maddie works there in her little (huge) corner and it’s almost always covered in scraps of paper, glitter, paint, pencil shavings, notebooks, clay creations, paint specks, and the like. I was assured this is normal.

Well, knowing that one room is cleaning skipped has appealed to my procrastinating hoarding capabilities. Which has led every night before cleaning day to become “shove it all in the office” night.

Piles of mail, anything and everything on the stairs that usually lives in one of the three rooms that is NOT the office, things kept on the counter in the bathroom, stacks of books, magazines yet not read, random child papers, baskets of clothes not yet folded, already folded, and from the aforementioned pile in the hall. Add in a child’s art cave behind all that and you’ve got Monica’s closet from Friends.

That is unless Kim has something to avoid.

So the office is purged of all non office paraphernalia. Clothes have achieved the elusive trifecta and are washed, folded, and put away. Mail placed in the sorting bin, bills paid, papers shredded. Desk uncovered. Every strange discovery put back in its proper home. Maddie’s room received a bonus purge to help me escape my thought.

See, that thought I was fleeing was the entirety of March. The month that brings great personal reward and builds connections. That month I say has changed me as a teacher and a person. The month that I feel wholly and completely unprepared for. The month that my writing ebbs and flows and revitalizes me does not feel so. Life obstacles, professional weight, internal struggles, cycles of unhappiest obligations. Round and round they spin in and out of my daily life.

Will the challenge fit?

So many Marches. So many slices. So many reads. So many moments. This writer may be more of a reader. This writer may be spent. This writer isn’t sure she has it anymore.

This writer is going to try.

13 thoughts on “Insurmountable March

  1. Well, seems like you’ve still got it! I logged on and immediately went to find your first post (because I knew you would have beaten me to it!) I’m feeling the same way as I sit down to write mine. The weight of everything else is either going to drive my writing or distract me from it. Here’s to a month of growth for us both! xo

  2. And suddenly the insurmountable becomes attainable. I love how you depict the push and pull. The love and the hate. How could we hate something that is so good for us???? On the bright side – you have a clean and orderly house!!!!!

  3. I have been feeling the same way…I’m not sure how I am going to fit in slicing everyday, but I am sure going to give it my best shot! We’ve got this! 🙂

  4. So many thoughts: First, when it comes to cleaning, I’m procrastination queen. I wasn’t always this way, but getting older has impacted my get up and clean gene. I’m still sorting through the things I brought home from school when I retired at the end of August. Second, I have confidence you’ll find your inner writer. Already, your post has inspired a writing idea for me, so thank you for that.

  5. You have a unique ability to describe the emotional ups and downs we all feel while slicing.. It’s always a memorable journey, and I’m glad we’re taking it together again. 🙂 I’ve missed you.

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