Peace of Mind

It’s the state of the world right now. So fittingly, every conversation, every minute seems to be filled with Covid-19 anger, acceptance, sadness, isolation, mandates, humor, and oh my gosh moments.

We aren’t the panicking type. We are the steady and wait it out type. I’m a book loving, hermit, introvert, extraordinaire. Staying home is like my nirvana.  Except all the news and all the panic and all the talk and all the Oh My Gosh starts to get to me. Except it’s not just me, the one who can consist on cereal and cans of soup. Do we have enough? Does my mom have enough? Are we really going to be okay? I haven’t grocery shopped yet. You can’t even get into the stores and they’re shortening hours.

Then the governor drops the bomb. All restaurants and bars will be closed until the end of the month effective close of business tomorrow. Drive thru and delivery might be safe. If kitchens are deemed able to stay healthy. Whatever that means. This is now serious. This is now real.

I feel the posts and panic settling in and it makes it a little hard to breathe. Amazon prime 1-2 day becomes overpriced Amazon Prime 4 day. My fingers still hit add to cart for some food for the kid. Breakfast bars, crackers, goldfish, pretzels, cereal, and a book to read to my students later this week because in my crazy Friday, the brain forgot to grab books. I felt some pressure ease. Even if it won’t come until maybe Thursday.

Then since I am at the home where I started, the pressure eases more. Containers get extra grapes, cantaloupe, and watermelon. Here comes a container meatballs and a box of pasta. In goes more sauce and some italian sausage. In a bag goes a container of chicken rice casserole. A jug of orange juice that can’t be drunk by the grandma and was bought for the littles who didn’t finish it. A loaf of bread that hasn’t been opened yet gets added. A packet of yellow slices to turn that bread into grilled cheese. For good measure, some brownies because they are pure love.

Sort of. The pure love really comes in the form of a mom who looks at her daughter, can tell she can’t breathe, and piece by piece soothes the panic and brings back the calm.

That’s the love. That’s where we will find hope and calm in this crazy state of the world right now.

3 thoughts on “Peace of Mind

  1. I like your reassurances that moms can stop the panic for kids. I am trying to be the calm mom for my son on the outside, while being the worried “did I buy enough groceries how bad is this really going to get?” person on the inside. I am worried about my own mom as well. Maybe I should stop, and just have her tell me that everything will be ok. Hang in there!

  2. The pacing of your second paragraph really captures the sense of everything is fine to quickly I’m worrying about so many things. Thanks for sharing. Hope you find some more moments to relax and share love.

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