One Happy Creature

There’s not a lot of happy going on these days. Can I write about anything else? Is there even anything else? My introvert hermit persona cannot and will not settle. It’s a conundrum to be certain.

There is one happy creature in our midst. Maybe three. Certainly not the introvert mom in her unsettled self. Certainly not the extrovert dad whose been forced to now cancel three trips in the coming months. Two of them involve concerts which are what makes up his personal peace.

It could be the ten year old who is happily encased in her office hole creating and playing her soul numbing game. That is only possible until her e learning kicks in.

So who is left? Well. The two fur creatures are certainly cruising around with more spring in their step. They’re for damn sure keeping to the it’s 6am stupid human, feed me now, schedule. I’m convinced they are keeping us on schedule.


I’m buried in cat. And I’m okay with that.

4 thoughts on “One Happy Creature

  1. You gotta love those fur babies. They keep it real. I don’t know what I’d do without mine. Their personalities are a huge gift in this unsettled time.

  2. Such beautiful cats, of course cats will keep their humans in line. I love it! Also the description of what the rest of you are up to…I agree the covid thing has definitely slowed down brain power!

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