Full Disclosure

Death by booger snots. That’s really what started the thoughts for this slice. Something said to me that is not at all mine to discuss and yet all I can think about is slicing it up for day 4 of this challenge. I feel as though I need to have some type of warning system installed in myself. Be it a slot in my arm that shoots out release forms or a sign installed above my head that has one of those ticker tape messages scrolling by: “full disclosure- what you say to me just now may end up in a slice later- you’ve been warned.”

Sometimes lines you hear just stick to you and take root and fester and grow under your skin. They need an outlet, and this month especially that outlet is so quickly through my fingers to my keyboard. It’s really a conundrum. Sometimes the lines are a type of private news that you’re sworn to secrecy about. Sometimes they are something so ridiculous and hilarious you need to share them with the world. Sometimes you just have some genius snark to expand upon it. Sometimes it’s something that crushes you and putting some of that out into the world lightens your crushed to smithereens heart. Sometimes it is just a cool, small, not stop you in your tracks, but makes you pause for a hot second thing that you want to record.  

This time the sheer obnoxiousness of the phrase that started this all is hilarious when told to me by a dramatic child with a stuffy nose.

It’s a snarky phrase that very well may have been said to my snarky self one day. Surely I could find my demise brought on by booger snots.

It invokes pure fear and dread when in some insane version of reality, it is a god damn possibility.

Darkly humorous humor makes many extremely uncomfortable. If you ever had dealt with chronic pain, terminal illness, or are Wednesday Adams, that dark humor can get you through.  You just have to be careful whose ears are listening to you. That’s the problem with me- it’s said and I can’t help but want to write about it. Macabre humor comes my way and I dreadfully record it for posterity.

So fair warning if my future slice topics revolve around my cat and my kid since no one else will cross my path after reading my full disclosure statement. And maybe say a prayer for all those affected by murderous booger snots. 



2 thoughts on “Full Disclosure

  1. This is a funny one….I can only imagine trying to keep the smile out of your eyes when this was said! 🙂

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