The Great Container Migration

That cabinet above the sink, the one my husband swears is just lying in wait to get him, is almost empty again today. I assure him that he is safe until at least Wednesday.

This cabinet is basically a rent free space for the fraction of my mother’s Tupperware collection that sleeps over at our house each week. She’s not happy unless she’s feeding people and I’m not happy if I need to create my own meals. So a match made in heaven has been created since I moved out about 20 years ago.

Every time I go to her house I bring empties whose contents have been devoured. Every time I come home from her house I bring yummies for my tummies. It’s a wonderful system we’ve concocted here.

In between the great container migration though, that cabinet is a bit of harrowing ground in our kitchen. The balancing act is almost always precariously perched. I keep telling him that he’s just gotta live on the edge for a few days before I gather them all to go home.

There’s delicious food at stake here.


5 thoughts on “The Great Container Migration

  1. Such a fun slice! Glad to know another daughter who loves getting delicious food from mom! Your word choice made this such an amusing piece!

  2. My mother-in-law always kept her Tupperware drawer perfectly organized. Now I organize mine and think of her. But nobody else in the family seems to think this drawer needs organizing. It’s become quite job.

    I love the way you have written about how this everyday routine and everyday object is a part of your relationship with your mom.

  3. This is such an awesome slice, Kim! The title hooked me right away since it’s something I can relate to, but with freezer packs. There’s always a transfer of those cold packs when my parents, in-laws, and I go between each other’s houses. It used to be a “that’s ours” to now “who cares who it belongs to as long as it stays cold.”

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