A Child Unfinished


Poemy Monday the Second

A Child Unfinished

Her newborn days,
when she became real
and healed our broken hearts.

Her toddler days,
when her personality grew
and we sprinted to keep up.

Her little kid days,
when she faced too much loss
and taught us how to reach to heaven.

Her big kid days,
when she started to hone in
and began to crack our mirror image.

Her bigger kid days,
when she dabbled in the arts
and blew us away when she soared.

Her preteen days,
when she got some snark as tall as she
and we couldn’t appreciate it more.

She remains a child unfinished.
She’s growing into those long legs and that snark.
She’s traveling on her own road and inviting us along .

Her future is so vast,
and our love always will be too.


4 thoughts on “A Child Unfinished

  1. I love this! I look forward to all your Poemy Mondays, but this one might be a favorite. I love the structure! “She’s growing into those long legs and that snark.”- what a perfect line!!!!!

  2. Kim, love, love this one, especially! How well I remember those days w Maggie and Beth! Keep on keeping up w ur writing as well as w Maddie. She’s going to b a star like her mom! And dad, too! PS: Plse note my new email address. Don’t want to miss any of this!

    Judy Janes Judy.janes@gmail.com C: 248.894.1434


  3. Poemy Mondays. Something we can all count on every March. And, this one did not disappoint. Thank you for letting us witness, even for a brief moment, the growing of your child. The wonder of it all. Pretty spectacular!

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