My Heart Map

photo (2)I was leafing through my writer’s notebook and happened upon that obligatory entry we all do with our students: the heart map. It’s a staple for writing instruction. Whatever variation you prefer, it is probably stuck in the pages of every notebook across the world: folded or not, colored or not, detailed or not, illustrated or not…it shows the things that are deep within. Or at least the things that you can write about in front of your kids. 🙂

As I look at my heart I chuckle, I cry, I cringe, I reminisce, and my mind starts creating. What piece of my heart stands out today? The gargantuan buckets of candy my mom provided to us on our trips to Florida? Freddie, who my seven-year old self-created as a doodle that I still use today at 34? How I probably single-handedly supported Oak Lawn Public Library growing up due to me taking out so many books there was no conceivable way I could keep track and ended up paying an insane amount of fines? The snow igloos we basically lived in as kids whenever it snowed? I already wrote about how cancer broke my heart. I already wrote about when Mr. Koehler claimed my heart as his own. I already wrote about my pets, my nieces, and my love of chocolate.

When I sit and stare at the blank screen, I must remember that I have a multitude of possibilities. Maybe I just need to sit in my notebook for a bit longer and let some of them fester. One thing that I have learned through this challenge and now, beyond it, is that as a writer, I just need to write. For me. And only for me. So I’m off to fester and maybe you’ll see some of it and maybe you won’t. 😉


8 thoughts on “My Heart Map

  1. You’re not the first person who’s writing I read today who was challenged to find something to write about (nor will you be the last). Great idea to look at your heart map!

  2. My students would love to read this post about how a teacher needs to look back at her heartmap to think of ideas 🙂

  3. I was there today too. It’s that mental block that didn’t send anything to the fingers to type. Thanks for sharing your heart map. Next week we’ll both find something (or nothing) to write about.

  4. “For me. And only for me” I hear you.. I truly processed this also. I knew it with painting, but I had not yet realiexed it with my writing, but I full heartedly agree. You can not worry or busy yourself with what others will think. Honesty always prevails.. even if it’s risky. Put it our there if you’re feeling it. If you’re not yet… write about nature. That always works. 🙂 haha

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