The Joy of the Thunk Splash


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When one cannot land on a topic to write about, one must find inspiration any place one can. The dialogue went something like this:

“I have not a clue what to slice about today. What are you slicing about Michael?”
“I’m slicing about rain.”
“Well there ya go.”

His slice was about a canceled birthday party and a disappointed birthday celebrator. My slice came out as such. Same word, infinitely different slices. I love that about writing.

drip, drip, drip, plop, plop, plop
The rain is driving me mad. I don’t know which way to go. There is such a combination of feelings when I hear that there is a forecast of rain or worse yet, when my ears detect those first tell-tale drops. There is happiness, annoyance, joy at the possibility, fear.

Happiness and joy. Oh splashing in puddles is one of our favorite things to do. The sound of those star bedazzled boots slapping against the ground is such a satisfying sound. Thunk, splash, thunk, splash, thunk, splash.

Annoyance and fear. Oh the flow of water frightens me and makes me dread going home. At the first drop I imagine it taking over my house. It seems so smart that flow, able to find any single crack and enter with a mission to destroy. So we keep with the thunk, splash, thunk, splash, thunk splashing…it’s more fun.

So that is how I handle the myriad of feelings I don’t know what to do with when those clouds open up. Or I enjoy the snow. Except it’s getting warmer now. It’s starting to melt…


11 thoughts on “The Joy of the Thunk Splash

  1. Awesome how you were inspired by little Michael’s rain post. Even awesome er 🙂 are the vast array of directions a similar themed piece can go! Although I don’t despise it, I certainly fear the dreaded seepage. Your use of onomatopoeia sound words really drove home the relentless annoyance of rain.

  2. I love that about words. Writing has made me love the way words can lead us: connecting ideas and journeying down different roads. One road of plunk, splash and another of destruction and fear. I especially liked this line: “It seems so smart that flow, able to find any single crack and enter with a mission to destroy.”

    Hope you stay dry this weekend!

  3. Love that you got your idea from a kid. I bet he was pretty excited that you used the same topic he did and he inspired your writing. Audrey and I enjoyed the puddles of snow melt yesterday after school. She in her practical boots that kept her feet dry and me in my more fashionable boots that ended up with very wet feet- but we had a blast!

  4. One word but a great idea for a post. It just goes to show that ideas are everywhere and can come from anyone. By the way, love the background and the worm on the hook that follows me as I scroll down to read your post. 🙂

  5. Perspective!!!! I was meaning to email you that thanks for the mini-lesson pep talk and I went with perspective afterwards!!! One word, so many POV! Looks like you paid it forward and didn’t even know it.

    Love this piece. You are always surprising me with your topics. Onomatopoeia perfection. Check!

  6. Your post made me realize how much fun it must be to teach older students, reading their varied responses to a single writing prompt. I don’t know that I’ve thought about that before! (I teach preschool.) You had, of course, a much more adult perspective on rain…loved your concluding thought! 😉

  7. I imagine two children choosing the same topic to write about and then comparing how vastly different their pieces will be. What a learning experience that would be for two young writers.

  8. I wrote a slice about rain in my writer’s notebook – long ago – before I knew what a slice was. It ended up really being about how i enjoy the excuse to be lazy and how i was trying to figure out who i was as a mom. Funny how that happens, isn’t it?

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