An 11 year relationship comes to an end?

There aren’t many material objects I hold dear to my heart. I can’t really say that I hold this one close to my heart. I just know that it’s been with me for 11 years but the other day we had to have “the talk.”

“I might have to let you go soon,” I said.

“But we’ve been together for so long,” it said. “You’ve spent more time with me than some of your family,” it said.

“Well, now that’s a little excessive don’t you think? I don’t even like you all that much,” I replied.

I imagined the offended response to go something like:

“What about the time you found warmth and comfort in me when your heart was broken? How about the time we took that great trip filled with laughter, good food, and an unfortunate laundry detergent spill? What about the faded ribbon outline on my side that proudly showed our love for the red, white, and blue? Don’t you love the blast of my cold air when it’s hot out because I’m old and not so efficient?Won’t you miss knowing exactly when I am full, before the click, so you don’t have to stand out in the cold? Remember the pink sticker stuck to my wheel that made you smile everyday? The butterfly that still hangs, reminding you to believe in yourself? Won’t you miss me?”

The memories of the last 11 years came trickling back to me. Sure. We’re both a little worse for wear, have packed on the miles, are faded in our own ways, and have a bit more rust accumulating around the edges than either of us would like. But, we have been together through it all.

I have gone from dating, to married, to single, to divorced, to married again, to mommy over the years. And right along with me through it all has been my trusty sidekick.

“You’re right. I would miss you too much. I think we can stick it out for a bit longer.” I said.

We pulled into the drive and as I looked around at the mess around me, I decided it would be too much work to have to keep a new car clean.

But I didn’t say that out loud.
It might hear me and not start tomorrow.





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