Beast Hammie Go Bye Bye

A girl on a mission, she made her way through the pet store and her heart was caught by the flash of black fur that took months and a very still hamster to discover was really more blackish brown.  He ate his way through two sturdy cardboard boxes while in the cart. Insert a metal carrying case that even this Houdini could not escape. He was christened Lucky and from the moment he entered our house until the moment he entered the freezer in the garage, he was a BEAST.

This loving moniker was coined first in part to his sheer size. Picture more rat size than hamster size. He required a bigger tank, a bigger wheel, a bigger playpen, a metalier lid to that tank, and just…  a bigger EVERYTHING. All of which he lived to escape from.

Climb the water bottle to wedge himself into the 1/2 inch gap between it’s top and the aforementioned steel grid lid? Why, yes please.

Hang in the playpen made for bunnies for all of 2.5 seconds before shimmying up the vertical bars (read jail bars with zero horizontal footing) to saunter right over the edge to freedom? Of course, you silly human!

Pile up bedding to raise the chewy bridge so that it’s high enough to swing from the lid by little tiny claws? Now, you’re talking.

Full BEAST MODE achieved.

Endless amusement did this black furry beast provide for four lovely months. He wiggled and climbed his way into her heart and the day we discovered that his fur was really more brownish than blackish and we had to say good-bye, it was indeed heartbreaking.

As frozen ground kept us from having the ceremony only a true beast deserved, frozen freezer will have to suffice until the great thaw.

Rest easy, Beast Hammie.

5 thoughts on “Beast Hammie Go Bye Bye

  1. I’m nodding my head as I read! This is the reason we will not enter a pet store! I love the irony that your beastly hamster was called Lucky! Love this slice…I hope he gets a proper burial soon!

  2. I love the way you described the “BEAST.” Even though we knew he died from the start, you showed the adventure of his life and the hilarity if brought to your family. Great post!

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