Basement Babysitter

I’m fairly certain that we will never find ourselves as honorees at any parent of the year banquet. Nor shall we ever be highlighted in a “take a look at this mom’s genius” article.

Yet somehow the only child in this household is coming out just fine. Pretty damn stellar in fact. She readily opens her heart. She’s empathetic in the best way that will change the world. She gets along with pretty much everyone. She’s recently become an art machine, churning out pieces for all her besties every night.

So as we celebrate a recent milestone, please keep all the above in mind. Our kid is pretty great. That means we have to be pretty great parents on some level right?

Even if we are clinking glasses in celebration as we watch some made for adults television while our offspring is chillin like a villain by herself in the basement?

See, we’ve been on a steady diet of Bunk’d, Descendants, and Teen Titans Go as of late. The upstairs has been a Nickelodeon and Disney Channel mecca.

So a basement banishment that she thinks is the coolest thing ever?

A celebration that after eight long years, she’s finally cool with hanging by her lonesome down there, and dare I say even relishing it?

A wonderfully cleared out of almost every sign of a child being around, living room?

Don’t worry, we’ll check on her eventually.

Who knows? The basement babysitter may get a full-time gig.

5 thoughts on “Basement Babysitter

  1. I love this because I do remember the time when our kids began to stay in the basement by themselves. We did not let them have televisions in their bedrooms, (I know, such bad parents!) so the basement became the “babysitter!”

  2. Just don’t forget she’s down there! Seriously, your opening paragraph drew me in. Because I know you I could immediately sense the “tongue-in-cheek” voice happening there. You are great parents, though. Getting a kid to happily play by themselves is a real LOST art these days!!!

  3. this is awesome. i totally get it. it is time to celebrate her semi-independence with some tv viewing she wouldn’t even understand anyways. congratsd – sounds like you’re doing an amazing job, as well. fun post.

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