To the Victor Goes the Spoils

Many fought a valiant battle. Post after post of canines. Post after post of felines. The tug of fur has been going strong for almost a year.

We would pause and then ultimately keep on scrolling by. Until the scroll paused. And then stopped. We took the leap. We waited. We paced. We heard back.

We were too late. Adopted out to another family that filled out their paperwork just a tad faster. His little smooshy face would be another family’s little smooshy face.

So the scrolling continued once again. Until it stopped. Until we leaped. Until we waited. Until we paced. Until we heard back.

We piled into the family car, crate, food, water, toys. Prepared for the journey to bring him home. Anticipation  dancing through the air the whole way there.

The cry that commenced the moment he entered the crate until we got home was impressive.

The pounce and curiosity that burst out of him all night was altogether amusing and terrifying.

The warmth of the purr and contentment in my arms right now is the salve to the break our hearts. There is no better sound than that of a happy little smoosh plopped in your lap.


Welcome to the family, our very own little smooshy face.



3 thoughts on “To the Victor Goes the Spoils

  1. The anticipation is over! The feline won! What a cute little ball of fur!!!!!! I can only imagine your daughter’s face with this little guy. Pure joy, I’m guessing. Good momma!

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