Poemy Monday The First


“Telling stories lets out all the scared inside you.”

Telling stories lets light out into the world, even if they aren’t light on our soul. That’s my motto.

It took about 525,600 backspaces and retypes to land here and it is going to be darn hard to hit the publish button. But incidents of trauma shape who we are and shape our families, our friends, and the students who sit around us. So here we go. This Poemy Monday is to let out the scared of that day.

That Day

The sun was shining over us.
The sun was shining over all.

Little did we know it was Him.
Calling her home.

The worry settled into us.
The worry spread into all.

Little did we know it was Him.
Passing it out to lift it from her.

I didn’t feel the emptiness.
I didn’t notice the silence.

Gasping, racing, kneeling, pleading.

Too fast, says the disconnected voice
Slow. Down.

Denying, praying, denying.
Denying, praying, denying.

That was the day
the sun shined
the worry settled

And she was gone.

6 thoughts on “Poemy Monday The First

  1. So beautifully written and so many emotions. You have a true gift for allowing the reader to just be with you…thank you for sharing this with all of us.

  2. My heart broke as I read this and I may have even whispered your name while reading and re-reading. Oh Kim. that’s what I said. Then I silently enveloped you in a hug. That Day is out there now. It let out a great deal of light into the world, and I hope into your soul, as well. XOXOX

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