A Challenge Unfinished

Poemy Monday, the First


A Challenge begun.

Intentions were hopeful,
and clickety clackety went the keys.

Ideas were flowing,
and clickety clack went the keys.

The world’s seams started to come undone,ย 
and clickety clunk went the keys.

The writer was waning,
and click went the keys.

Intentions fell flat,
and the keys went dark.

A challenge left unfinished.


Welcome back to the Slice of Life Writing Challenge, I tell myself. It starts on a Monday so what better muscle flex for the writing soul than back to Poemy Mondays, I tell myself. Supporting each other is important, I tell myself. Doing this for me is important, I tell myself. So many years writing, I tell myself. This year is not last year, I tell myself. A lot has happened, I tell myself. Ideas are all around me, I tell myself. So here we go, I tell myself.



10 thoughts on “A Challenge Unfinished

  1. A lot has happened. For sure. It was hard to muscle through last year, and sometimes self-care is about letting things go.

    I love how you’ve employed repetition but with change in this. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. From clicktey-clack to clickety-clunk! I can feel you throughout this. I feel the weight of last year (and I didn’t even write)….Cheers to a new challenge and I am so excited to read your work!!

  3. Great to have you back! Love your poem, showing the true challenge of writing, finding ideas, persevering. “Intentions fell flat/and the keys went dark” – so ominous! Just like this past year…so tough…

  4. Clickety clunk! Loved that line. This is such a creative and engaging poem–and if ever there was a time to abandon a challenge, it was March 2020. Glad you’re back this year, and I’m looking forward to your slices!

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