Good Luck Kisses

Everyone loves a good luck kiss. Right?
Before a big match, performance, event, or trip down the slide for the first time.  Heck, I give Brian one each morning before work to wish him a good luck kind of day. Everyone needs a little bit of luck.

Everyone. Including the dogs of the world apparently. Maddie loves loves LOVES dogs. On an epic level. She will hug them, pet them, play with them and kiss them. We have long since “trained” her to kiss the tops of their heads after a few unfortunate french kissing incidents at an early age.

Now enter Bella. Bella is a stocky footstool on legs that belongs to Aunt Sarah and Uncle Tony.  55 pounds of footstool on spindly legs to be more exact. As I am so wisely informed by my daughter, Bella is of course too low to the ground for my amazon of a child to bend over and kiss on the top of the head. It would seem also, that kissing a hand and then patting the top of Bella’s head is also improbable. I suppose the love just doesn’t quite transfer that way.

So naturally the next best thing to kiss and give to Bella for good luck would be what Bella loves the most. What Bella plays with incessantly, chasing to and fro and slobbering her footstool doggie germs all over.  That would be Bella’s ball. Bella’s slimy, shredded, soggy, squishy ball. To which I recently discovered my daughter who doesn’t like dirt so much, smashing her lips on, in order to give Bella some luck before she threw said ball.

Apparently dirt is worse than slimy, slobbery dog germs. Who knew?


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