The Pink Smiley Sticker

Stuck to my steering wheel for ages was a faded, wrinkled, taped on pink smiley face sticker. That sticker, when it finally lost its sticky tapiness and went and fell apart, brought tears to my eyes.

For that sticker was love. It started as a little reminder to smile. Left for my dear husband on his wallet. It then quietly found its way onto my calendar- stuck to the day that he would return from a long business trip. Then that pink smile meandered over to the top of someone’s favorite beer bottle. And on it went.

That sticker brought smiles and chuckles and sheer exasperation at its discovery (no one likes to think of anyone knowing you’ve eaten all the candy because you found that gleaming smile at the bottom of the bowl). The smile despite the tough day at work and a chuckle despite the screaming three year old in the backseat brought joy to my heart.  The smiles and chuckles continued until that sticker found its way to the center of my steering wheel for a solid three days before I noticed it- as I was apparently too busy for smiles and chuckles that week.

And so the sticker remained as constant reminder to stop and smile back. I miss it already.


4 thoughts on “The Pink Smiley Sticker

  1. What a great story! I think you need to go buy a new package of Smiley stickers, so you will always have a new one ready when the old one wears out! When your kids get older, you can do it with them too!

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